Tuesday, 16 February 2016

T -? days

It's the big week! Maybe... My period is due some day this week. I had initially thought probably Thursday but I feel like ovulation might have been late (typical) so I'm not sure when it'll be but it's definitely on the way. It feels huge! This is actually going to happen. Clearly I'm trying to adopt a casual, laid-back approach and sometimes it even works!

The ol' insomnia has set in...I'm falling asleep with no problems but waking up for a pleasant couple of hours of worry in the small hours and not getting back to sleep. It's hard to remain calm and levelheaded at 4am but I'm trying. I'm still doing plenty of yoga and acupuncture and my body feels quite relaxed but my mind will.not.stop.racing. I'm hoping this cycle will be broken soon and in the meantime, I'm trying to remember that a few hours less of sleep (every night) isn't going to make a difference to the outcome. It would be better if I felt well rested but it's not worth stressing over. See how easy it is to be rational at 5.30 pm? In 12 hours time, this will be a different story and I'll quite possibly be sobbing into my pillow!

All in all though, I feel okay. I think I'm ready. I'm ready for it to be over. Right on track after my last post, the worries crept in about it not working/never working/miscarriage etc. They're still floating around in my mind but I'm doing all I can to take one step at a time and cross those bridges if I come to them.

Cycle day 1 - BRING IT ON! (I think....)

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