Saturday, 20 February 2016

Go time!

This is how I'm feeling right now... It's really happening - eek!!! My period arrived on Thursday night and we had our appointment with the fertility clinic this morning. So today is cycle day 1 (I don't get the logic but I'll go with it - probably cycle day 1 in terms of taking meds?). I had a scan which showed both ovaries looking "nice" and we both had blood taken. We begin the shots tonight. I'm so nervous but trying not to overthink it. We were lucky enough to have our lovely doctor do the ultrasound/bloods/medication lesson, instead of a nurse (who would be equally lovely, I'm sure!). He really put me (us) at ease and we even had a laugh.

So the rest of today is going to be spent curled up on the couch, in front of the fire, watching movies/boxsets and not thinking about what's going to happen at 7.30! I have two injections (Gonal F and Luveris) this evening and every evening until Wednesday, when I'll add in an extra injection in the morning (cetrotide, to stop ovulation). I'm back in the clinic on Friday to see how things are moving.

I feel weirdly calm about everything. I'm also exhausted. My sleep is still pretty bad but I'm trying hard not to focus on it and just hope that it improves, that I'm getting whatever rest I need and that the stress that's causing all my night-waking isn't affecting my body in any other way.

I can't believe it's here...It's time to be brave. I just hope I can do what I need to and that I don't let us down.

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