Friday, 26 February 2016

Keeping on, keeping on.

Today I had my first progress check/scan. I have about 20 follicles in all, but there are some 5mm in there so I don't think they count. The biggest is 16mm and the rest range from about 12-15. They're a little concerned about OHSS for me so my Gonal F has been reduced to 112.5 and I'm back on Monday for another scan. All going well, they expect egg collection to be on Wednesday or Thursday. I can't believe how quick that is! It feels like we just started...we kind of did just start. I really hope things continue to go okay in there and that I don't hyperstimulate. I'm going back and forth between hoping they all catch up and I've lots of eggs and then remembering that I don't actually want that!

I'm pretty bloated and uncomfortable at this stage and my tummy is getting a bit beat up looking. I've a few bruises and I'm just lumpy and bumpy. It's really attractive... All day I basically live for the moment that I get to come home from work, put on something with a nice loose elasticated waist and put my feet up with a hot water bottle on my tummy. Basically, I'm channeling my inner 80 year old (not hard for me). M has been great - he has really looked after me and the house the past week and it's allowed me to kick back, relax and get some rest.

Mood-wise, I'm still feeling good. I've had acupuncture twice this week and I'm really enjoying it. I'm at the stage where I can really switch off during it so it's great to relax. I'm still trying to get a bit of yoga in too to quieten my mind when it's needed and also get a bit of a stretch to let the blood flow. That's about the extent of the exercise I've been getting this week. Fingers crossed my ovaries keep doing their thing in there and in the meantime, I have a busy schedule of yoga and hot-water-bottling to get to...

This is not me, but it accurately portrays 
how I feel about my hot water bottle...

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