Thursday, 26 November 2015

A good appointment

Today's appointment was very positive. Phew. We were both so worked up yesterday and last night and neither of us knew why...I don't know what we were expecting but whatever negative thoughts plagued us didn't transpire.

The morning was a bit stressful to begin, with us being caught in traffic. We thought 45 minutes would leave us plenty of time to get to the clinic on time and ultimately it did - we pulled up at 8 am exactly but it was touch and go! I think I expected them to turn us away if we arrived late...maybe they'd think we weren't responsible enough for a baby?! How dare we waste their time?! Etc., etc...

We were brought into Dr. K's office and I immediately liked him. He made a great first impression! He was very positive and I don't want to use this word but it's the big one that comes to mind...jolly?! He is also the doctor that features on the video on the clinic website - I decided to go and take that as a sign that he was one of the best on the staff....surely they only let the most important people film those things?! Anyway pending some blood tests, he was quite positive about our situation. He advised us to think of it as a process and like my previous consultant, he warned that we should prepare ourselves for potential losses. However, he said that he has seen women (much older than me) with wombs that he is positive are smaller than mine, go on and have children.

I had a blood test done to check if my blood was sticky (very technical term there) and M has to go back next week for 3 blood tests that check for genetic abnormalities - something which might (but hopefully not) be a cause of his very low count. They are frickin' expensive at €550 but we are sucking it up and doing whatever we're told! I'm pretty sure that's all we need done, given that we went armed with pages and pages of results from the past few months.

We said that we'd like to go ahead in February so in the meantime, we have a phone consultation with him on 21st December, where he'll go through the results of our tests and explain his plan of action for us. He has said it'll be short protocol for me (this doesn't mean a lot to me).

Between now and February, we're going to continue with our healthy eating and supplements. I've decided to knock caffeine on the head (I was still treating myself to the odd de-caff and regular americano) and we're going to try and switch as much of our fruit and veg to organic as we can afford/find. The alcohol situation is a bit more troubling though. I sound like an alcoholic but I just think I will go crazy if I can't drink a thing until February. That would suck so much over Christmas, with all the nights out and long family dinners. Not to mention our trip for my Mum's birthday at the end of January. We don't drink a whole lot anyway...we would maybe share 1 or maximum (the very odd time) 2 bottles of wine over a week. We're not going to cut it out completely because we value our sanity and our ability to remain upbeat and positive (okay, so I don't really have that ability but I could be worse!) too much. We'll only drink red wine and we will keep it to a couple of glasses a week.

Today I feel pumped...BRING.IT.ON!!! Aaaannndddd this day 4 weeks is Christmas Eve - what's not to love!! I'm going to enjoy this good mood while it lasts. A few times today, before I could stop myself and drag myself back to reality, I allowed myself to imagine what could be this time next year, next Christmas...AGGGHHH!!! Please God...please, please, please.

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