Wednesday, 23 September 2015

And so the poking and prodding begins...

Tomorrow kicks off what will be the first of several (very specific number there..) procedures that I'll be having with my new consultant to ultimately determine what kind of surgery he wants to do on me. We're easing in gently with an MRI scan so strictly speaking, no poking and prodding (I hope?) yet. I've never had one before so I'm a little apprehensive but also excited to get this show on the road!!

After this, I have a hysteroscopy in two weeks. This is going to be done with NO ANESTHESIA! This excites and scares me. I am not good with general anesthetics...I get pukey/pass-outty (when I'm not supposed to be passed out, I mean) etc and generally cause much drama.

Not much else to say about that since I don't know how it's all going to go down but I will pull my blogging socks up and start writing more frequently. I hope to one day read back on this with gratitude that it's all over and that it was all worthwhile (knock wood!!)

Today marks Day 1 off of the antibiotics that M and I have both had to take for the past few weeks on account of my brown bleeding (sorry). I've had this problem for years and doctors have told me it's normal blah, blah, blah but clearly it's not!! So thank you Napro for prescribing these rotten tablets to us...that sounds sarcastic but I'm being sincere. I am cautiously optimistic that they worked as there has been a massive improvement in that department in the last week. Once we hit 48 hours post-last-antibiotic, we will be getting our wine on - I can't wait!


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